We know you love our products so we pride ourselves in getting them right, we are different from our high street retailers as not all our products are brand new but are what’s known as graded.

So what is meant by graded?

Well the graded furniture or appliances we sell can range from so many things so we try our best to categorise them for you, just so you can get a better idea of what you are actually buying

All products will fall in to one of the following categories:

- New without packaging
These type of items are usually customer returns where they have changed their minds after purchasing.

- Ex-Display
These types of items have been displayed in a shop are are still in as new condition but may have some shop soiling.

- End of line
These types of items are usually a mixture of new and Ex-Display and are no longer for sale, so are sold to make room for new lines.

- Minor damage
These types of items can be a mixture of all of the above but may have some minor cosmetic imperfections to on or more panels and is normally out of sight.

- Refurbished
These types of items have been used and may be in need of repair which we find out during PDI.

With this is mind you can see we are a honest business and will always list our products in which grade we believe them to be in. If you have any questions or queries to how we grade our products feel to get in touch and we will assist you the best we can.

Even though our products are graded they are always fit for use and full warranted by our manufacturers.